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I signed up for Ironman Lake Placid in July of 2010. The race was a year away, and I had absolutely no plan as to how to train for it. I had trained myself for a single Half Ironman, and training for the Ironman distance and having a life seemed completely overwhelming to me to figure out. There are tons of books and plans out there, but I wanted something that fit me and my lifestyle. I felt like I didn't have the time to sit and figure it all out, nor the confidence that I would come up with a plan that would get me across the finish line of an Ironman.

I had been following Angela's blog for a number of months and loved her toughness and honesty. I contacted her about coaching me through Ironman Lake Placid and within a few conversations I knew it was a perfect fit.

Ange created a personalized schedule for me that fully prepared me for IMLP and also fit into my life. She was always willing to tweak it when things came up, always available to answer any questions I had, and gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to toe up to the line come race day. I really felt like I was her only athlete.

When race day arrived and I was looking at Mirror Lake with 3,000 other Ironman hopefuls, I knew I was ready. I entered the water confident that I could go the 140.6 miles. Ange was in my head the entire race encouraging stay within myself, and stay focused.

It was an amazing day for me, and I finished with a huge smile on my face - I truly have Ange to thank for that.

I cannot recommend Ange enough, she is an excellent coach and she truly cares about her athletes. I look forward to working with Ange again in the near future.

Mandy Farrar
Caratunk, Maine

I can't say enough about Mary's knowledge as to what it takes to make a tough, fast runner. I ran the famous Boston Prep16 miler in Derry, NH last year in a time of 2:12:17 at an 8:17 pace. I ran the same tough race this year and I'm happy to say I ran it in a time of 2:00:37 at a pace of 7:33. Mary has coached me doing drill work, speed, hills, and more importantly, taught me about nutrition, commitment and dedication. If you are looking for coaching you have come to the right place. I would recommend Mary and Ange to anyone that is serious about getting fast and strong.

Maria Conley
Norwood, MA
Coached in Endurance Running

As I write this I have just returned from an 8.5 mile run on a beautiful November day. Less than a year ago I could not run a mile, and would have to stop, lungs and legs burning. I had been a runner ten years before, but intimidated by hills and country roads when I moved to Maine, I stopped. When I became seriously overweight, and when a lifelong heart arrhythmia started sending me to the ER again, I thought I'd better go back to running if I wanted to live a long and healthy life. Angela Bancroft has been my friend and neighbor for just about the entire decade I've lived here. I knew she was an elite athlete, and a great person, but I was not sure that she would take on a client who could best be classified as "couch potato." I was pleasantly surprised.

Angela's coaching has been valuable to me in a multidimensional way. She has been my coach, cheerleader, and – sometimes - shoulder to cry on while at the same time encouraging me to push myself harder than I previously thought possible. With her help I ran my first 5K in many years in May, my first 10K ever in November, and she is now coaching me toward my first half marathon in February. Her coaching is comprehensive, including mental, physical, injury prevention, and nutritional training and advice. She is unfailingly positive and simply will not permit my morale to slide, even when I encounter obstacles. My speed and endurance are slowly but surely improving. I know that without Angela's inspiring coaching I may well have given up on running a second time. With her coaching I know that I am now a runner for life. What a gift that is.

Beth Miller
Coached in Running

I started running in 2008 and never intended to run anything more than the occasional 5k race. Five months later I competed in my first Try-A-Tri and was hooked on the sport of triathlon. For two years I participated in sprint distance tri's with not so stellar results and believed that my fate was that of a "back of the pack" triathlete. In 2010 I signed up for the Steelhead 70.3 Half-Ironman and knew that I couldn't just "wing" the training for this distance if I actually wanted to finish it. I had been a follower of Mary's blog since becoming interested in triathlon and there was something about her style and wit that made me feel like she was the choice for me as a coach. I have been training with her since December 2010 and have not regretted my decision for one second.

Since signing up with TriMoxie Mary has provided unwavering support and encouragement with not only the physical aspects of triathlon training but also in the way of nutrition and the psychology of this sport. She makes me feel like a rockstar athlete even though my results are not age-group winning calibre. That being said, since beginning training with Mary my fitness has increased more that I could have hoped or imagined and my results are proof that she knows exactly what she's doing and how to determine what an individual athlete needs regardless of their level in the sport.

I just completed that 70.3 (well the bike and run part since the swim was cancelled due to weather) and my performance surprised us both. I was confident from the beginning that I had done what I needed to do to perform well and her guidance helped me to execute better than I dared hope to. I'm looking forward to seeing how far I can go under Mary's guidance and am so proud to be a TriMoxie athlete!

Mary Minutella
Windsor, Ontario


After deciding that this was the year I was going to qualify for the Boston Marathon I realized that I needed to get serious and organized if I was going to be able to run ten minutes faster than my best marathon time. I've known Mary for several years and saw the successes she has had with other athletes so I asked her to help coach me. What I needed most from her was what I had trouble applying to myself; organization, discipline, and a solid plan that would avoid the injuries I was prone to.

The first challenge was an Ultra relay during which Mary's training plan had built in me the fitness to run over forty miles with an average pace under 7 minutes/mile and help secure our team a win. A further two months of training under Mary's supervision and I unexpectedly found myself as the winner of my division in the largest half-marathon in New England. My original goal going into this had been to qualify for Boston but after these two performances I had a conversation with Mary about expectations and we decided to be bold and shoot for a sub-3 hour marathon instead. A daunting prospect indeed.

Before working with Mary I wasn't sure if I was ever going to qualify for Boston, I have only been seriously running for 4 years and am not the youngest guy out there anymore, but she was able to see past what I have already done and saw the potential of what I was capable of doing. The training plan she created for me often pushed me much farther than I had ever trained before but it always kept me within my limits. An integral part of her coaching was getting me to believe that I was capable of more than I thought and building up trust in myself so that I could go out and race my very best.

After seven months of training under Mary's plan, and with all of the skills and confidence that she had taught me, I completed a marathon in 2 hours and 58 minutes; faster than I had ever thought possible. Now I feel like a new runner again and that my best days are still ahead of me. Mary has shown me that I am capable of more than I thought and she has given me the skills to succeed at whatever I decide to tackle from now on. Working with TriMoxie Coaching, and specifically Mary, has proven to be the best decision I have ever made when it comes to my running. I cannot recommend them enough and look forward to having Mary as my coach again soon.

Jeff Putt
Norfolk, MA


While I grew up playing organized sports, it wasn't until I turned 40 that I started running, and subsequently doing triathlons. Individual sports were new to me, but I enjoyed running and triathlon immensely. The only trouble was that I was not very good (read fast) at them. I was always finishing races at the bottom of my age group. My training consisted of going to the pool and doing the same workout over and over each time, going for a run, and going for a bike ride. I had no idea what I was doing. In addition to that, I was overweight and kept injuring myself running.

When I decided that I was going to get into the longer distance triathlons, I felt that I needed a coach who could give me direction and confidence to complete an Ironman 70.3. So in January of this year, I started training under Mary's tutelage and the results were amazing and immediate. She helped me get through a nagging injury that was keeping me from running for a month by providing me with alternative workouts and on the first weekend of March, I ran a 5 K race and immediately set a new PR by 2 minutes.

At the end of March, I found out that for the next 6 months, I was going to have to move 8 hours from home and live in an apartment in a city I had never even been to before. Plus the new job would also entail a significant amount of travel. Naturally I was concerned, so I asked Mary if we would be able to develop a plan flexible enough to accommodate my crazy new work schedule. She assured me that everything would be fine, and she was right. Although my work and travel schedule kept changing, sometimes on short notice, Mary would quickly update my training plan to accommodate this.

Mary has a very positive energy about her that translates even through e-mail. She is extremely knowledgeable about triathlon, and has prepared me exceptionally well. She knows just when to offer words of encouragement, and she can tell when I am getting worn down and knows when to tell me to take it a little easier. With her guidance, I had a great race at Steelhead 70.3, far better than I ever imagined I could have. I also just ran my first marathon ever in under 3.5 hours and just missed qualifying for Boston. I have also lost 40 pounds since I started training with her and I am in the best shape of my life. With Mary as my coach, I now have a confidence that I have never experienced before and it has come under the tutelage of a great coach and a wonderfully positive person. I am looking forward to continuing my triathlon journey with Mary.

Paul Sebastian
Windsor, Ontario



I describe myself as an adult onset athlete. Sports were not part of my childhood or early adulthood. I started running in 2005 and completed my first triathlon in 2009. Although I read every book I could find on training and studied training plans I was chronically injured and my race times plateaued. I needed guidance but mistakenly assumed that coaches were for team sports, the elite, or the uber-talented. Ange's response to my inquiry e-mail was warm and enthusiastic, quickly putting me at ease.

Ange took the time to get to know me: my athletic background, my home situation, my work schedule, my goals for training and racing. Her training plans are individualized, tailored to the unique schedules and personalities of her athletes. Training plans are posted weekly but are easily adapted for injuries, schedule changes, and life. She is in constant communication with here athletes and doesn't hesitate to adapt workouts as needed. I have an unusual work schedule involving 24-hour shifts with sleep-deprived recovery days. Ange designs my training plans with my work schedule and post-work fatigue in mind.

Ange is accessible nearly 24/7, quickly returning e-mails and messages. She makes me feel like I am the only athlete she coaches. Ange is both a cheerleader and a voice of reason, skilled at supporting her athletes through triumphs and struggles. She is genuinely invested in the success of her athletes and is the first person I want to call after a race.

Ange is a talented elite athlete and is extremely knowledgeable about training and racing. She is also a skilled coach and knows how to get the best out of her athletes. I am inspired by her athletic ability, her positive attitude, and her strong work ethic. Even more, I respect her strive to find balance between her athletic goals and her personal life.

After one year of working with Ange and TriMoxie I have set PRs in every distance I've raced, from 5K to a 12-minute marathon PR and from sprint distance triathlons to a 58-minute half ironman PR. I have stayed relatively injury free, am in the best shape of my life, and enjoy every workout and race. I am excited to see how far I can go with Ange's guidance and coaching. I am lucky and proud to be coached by Angela Bancroft.

Marisa Rowlson
Coached in Long Course Triathlon


Coming from a non-athletic, non-competitive upbringing, I had a lot to learn when I decided to begin serious triathlon training Mary of TriMoxie started me at Square One, recognized my immediate needs, and quickly had me on a path to triathlon. Her holistic view of the sport has helped me incorporate nutrition, confidence, and overall lifestyle in my training... while still acknowledging that I have a life outside of triathlon!

Mary's training plans, advice, and overall coaching reflect both extensive research and years of racing experience. She's able to apply this knowledge, with an individualized approach, to my goals. While she's always quick to encourage me, I consistently feel challenged and pushed to my edge. Her workouts are thoughtful and focused, based on my current struggles, upcoming races, and busy schedule. Most importantly, it's evident that she practices what she preaches -
she's a constant inspiration through her blog, training discipline, and race results. I'm proud to have her as my coach!

Linda Bent
Norfolk, MA
Coached in Triathlon





I have known Angela Bancroft for just about my entire life. And, when I was looking for a triathlon coach late winter/ early this Spring '11, it was really a no brainer for me. The only thing was, I was asking Angela to do the impossible. I had just come off a gastrocnemius tear in my calf and also had surgery to my knee. I was still recovering from these, was not even running or able to do hill work on the bike yet and I asked her to get me ready for Ironman Coeur d'Alene. I had less than 6 months to rebuild myself for a marathon run after a 112 mile hilly bike ride.

Angela took it all in stride, rose to the challenge in only a way that Angela can do, never once telling me that I couldn't do it. She retrained me safely and very effectively for that Ironman: basically from ground zero all the way up. It really was the impossible. I felt more prepared for that race than I had for any race of my life where I wasn't injured and was fully intact. I did an unsanctioned Half Ironman 8 weeks before the big race, and had a great race. All three splits of the HIM were my fastest ever for the distances. I was well trained!!! She really made me a better and stronger athlete from where I was before and I am so excited for this upcoming year to have Angela coach me into a season that I can start off in "one piece." Obviously, Angela is a hardworking athlete, but she is a gifted coach in that she can work with those that are at her level of athleticism as well as those that are completely debilitated, and everything in between.

Cathy L'Heureux
Kennebunk, ME
Coached in Triathlon


A friend of mine introduced me to Ange and Trimoxie coaching when she heard that I was training for the Tough Mudder New England. Although I was an athlete in high school and college, it all fell by the wayside with during my grueling residency and only continued to come last when I had two children. But finally one day after listening to myself counsel patients to exercise regularly and finally I decided I should follow my own advice.

I needed a goal, something to make exercise more fun. I wasn't really sure I was ready to compete, so the Tough Mudder sounded perfect. An endurance that challenge the mind and body but event with a bit of crazy so it couldn't be taken too seriously. But I had no idea how to get ready for an 11 mile event that was going to take place on the side of the mountain.

With a little encouragement from my friend, I contacted Ange. It was freeing to be able to tell her my goals and have her come up with the plan. I don't have the time, energy or knowledge to figure out how to make a training plan. I know there are lots of books and plans out there but I decided to put my trust in Ange and she set up a personalized schedule that fit my crazy lifestyle. I followed her workouts and gave her feedback about how they felt and she tweaked them here and there as needed. She also gave me more support and guidance than I could ever get from any book or magazine. Two and a half months later, I was ready to face Mt Snow.

I was hooked on the training but knew myself well enough to know that without another goal and someone to be accountable to it would easily get pushed aside. So again with a little prodding from friends and still flying high with accomplishment, I signed myself up for not one, but three ½ marathons and a Triathlon. Ange was with me every step of the way. Not just with training but teaching me about hydration and nutrition as well. She encouraged me when I had a bad session. She listened to my nerves and she was always positive and reassuring. I completed my first ½ marathon in July. It was tough but Ange had me ready both mentally and physically and I could hear her cheering me on.

Then came the sprint triathalon. While I was training, I often wondered what I was thinking signing up for such a thing. The last time I swam competitively was on a summer team in elementary school. I hadn't ridden a bike since I was a kid. But Ange helped me find a bike and get back into the pool. We worked slowly and steadily. On race day, Ange's advice was still ringing in my ears. I focused on positive thoughts. And as I stood looking out onto the pond, with its buoys marking the course, I thought to myself that's it. I felt all geared up to show the world what I was made of. Off I went and I loved it. I went on to do another Triathlon two weeks later. Since then I completed another ½ marathon and am getting ready for one more in 2 weeks. Ange has me working hard to meet my goal of a sub 2 hr at this distance. It is amazing how much I have progressed since starting training with her just 9 months ago. Watch out Philly here I come!!

Karin Witt
Hollis, NH
Short Course Triathlete & Runner