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About TriMoxie


At TriMoxie we specialize in individualized coaching for triathletes, runners, and swimmers. We are coached athletes ourselves, and we know how important having a dedicated, intelligent, and knowledgeable coach is to maximizing one's potential. We make it our business to know the latest research in our field, and we apply this knowledge to our coaching while simultaneously using sound, proven methods of developing athletic performance in our planning. However, the cornerstone of TriMoxie coaching is our belief that one's coach should not just be dedicated and knowledgeable about his sport, but about you. Each athlete comes to us with a unique temperament, set of goals and amalgam of life circumstances. Our services are designed to address the needs and personality of each athlete we coach.


The word Moxie is a neologism which derives from the trademark Moxie Soda, which was invented by Mainer Dr. Augustin Thompson in the 1870's. Since that time it has become an Americanism which has come to mean energy, courage, determination, skill, grit and guts. Our greatest gift as coaches is our tremendous enthusiasm and passion for our sport, and our love of sharing that enthusiasm and passion with you. We make ourselves available to our athletes around the clock because we believe in communication between athlete and coach so strongly, but also because we genuinely love what we do. We are here to help you get your moxie and realize your athletic potential.